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SDK 2.1 UART Rx Overflow handling bug

Question asked by Paul Sandys on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by biafra

I think there's a logical bug in fsl_uart.c


/* If RX overrun. */

if (UART_S1_OR_MASK & base->S1) {
/* Read base->D to clear overrun flag, otherwise the RX does not work. */
 while (base->S1 & UART_S1_RDRF_MASK) {
      (void) base->D;



The "while (base->S1 & UART_S1_RDRF_MASK)" creates a problem when the routine gets preempted by another interrupt. The RDRF can be set again, causing the routine to eat up extra bytes and/or generate additional Rx OR interrupts. After removing the while loop and reading "(void) base->D;" exactly once, the problems go away.