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Thread 1.1.0: Problem in pinging

Question asked by Saurabh Bansal on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Saurabh Bansal

Hello All,


I am using a node (based on KW41 with some sensors) and USB dongle (based on KW22 on my PC side) for communication based on Thread 1.1.0. I am trying to make connection as per below procedure:

- Flashed the node with Router Eligible End Device
- USB dongle was flashed with Host Controlled Device
- Connected the USB dongle with my PC via USB, so it creates a serial connection named /dev/ttyACM2
- I went to following path in source folder : thread-fw/MKW41Z_ConnSw_1.0.2/tools/wireless/host_sdk/hsdk/demo
- Here I ran the command : sudo ./ /dev/ttyACM2
- So a new interface created named 'fslthr0'
- Then I executed 'Thread_KW_Tun' binary in bin directory (also attached source) as below :
  sudo ./Thread_KW_Tun /dev/ttyACM0 fslthr0 0 25
- Then I started commissioning on Node by pressing button, and following logs were observed on its serial:

Commissioning successful

Attached to network with PAN ID: 0x4eb4
Requesting to become Active Router...

Interface 0: 6LoWPAN
        Mesh local address (ML64): fd78:5dff:978f:df0d:a417:cc45:a8c7:4b45
        Mesh local address (ML16): fd78:5dff:978f:df0d::ff:fe00:400
        Unique local address: fd01::3ead:d9a6:a325:753c:f52b

- And running ifconfig on phyNode shell gives below info:
Interface 0: 6LoWPAN
        Link local address (LL64): fe80::817c:757f:303:8252
        Mesh local address (ML64): fd78:5dff:978f:df0d:a417:cc45:a8c7:4b45
        Mesh local address (ML16): fd78:5dff:978f:df0d::ff:fe00:400
        Unique local address: fd01::3ead:d9a6:a325:753c:f52b
        Link local all Thread Nodes(MCast):  ff32:40:fd78:5dff:978f:df0d::1
        Realm local all Thread Nodes(MCast): ff33:40:fd78:5dff:978f:df0d::1

- I can see periodic messages from Link local address IP (fe80::817c:757f:303:8252) in Freescale network analyzer.
- But when I tried to ping Unique local address and Link local address, its not pinging.


So can anybody help me to understand the significance of all these IP addresses and why it is not pinging.