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i.MX6UL - Can External RTC and internal RTC coexist?

Question asked by Soumya KS on Feb 17, 2017
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I have a battery backed up external RTC PCF8523 which is attached to the I2C1 bus of i.MX6UL. There is also this internal RTC in the SNVS module of i.MX6UL. 

The CAAM module of i.MX6UL uses SNVS RTC. Please see  @IMP

I am running Linux on i.MX6UL and the RTC framework supports different RTCs to be enumerated differently as in /dev/rtc0, /dev/rtc1. 

Is it possible that only CAAM device use the internal RTC and the rest of the device use external battery backed up RTC? What could be the complications in using 2 separate RTCs in software?

Any directions would be very helpful.

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