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Looking for documentation of the BOOT_CFG pins in Internal Boot mode

Question asked by John Watlington on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by John Watlington

I'm looking for documentation of the BOOT_CFG[] pins on the iMX7 Solo and Dual.   The data sheet and hardware development guide both say that the reference manual has the information, but the iMX7 Dual Reference Manual (Rev. 0.1, 08/2016) has no information other than a note in Table 6-25 that BOOT_CFG[18:0] have settings that depend on the boot mode (but aren't defined in the Boot Mode sections).


Table 6-25 lists some fuses (e.g. DISABLE_SDMMC_MFG) as being over-riden by GPIO pins, but doesn't list the equivalent GPIO.   Some fuses have equivalent BOOT_CFG pins defined, but most BOOT_CFG pins are not defined in the table.


Can NXP please provide a list of the functions performed by each BOOT_CFG pin, in Internal Boot mode ?