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Discussion created by Hy Mai Employee on Feb 17, 2017

We use the driver codes from KSDK1.3. 

I define a buffer g_lpuart_rxbuf[] for lpuart1 edma RX and add it to live watch in IAR. I kept watching the change of this buffer while I enter some keys in lpuart console.when edmaRxConfig.destModulo = kEDMAModulo8bytes, I saw the keys can be received in the buffer, and the keys are circular to the beginning after they reach the end of the buffer. but when edmaRxConfig.destModulo = kEDMAModulo16bytes, and I also change the buffer size to 16, I found that only 8 keys are received in the buffer and are circular at the first 8 bytes of the buffer. I have tried kEDMAModulo8bytes, kEDMAModulo4bytes, kEDMAModulo2bytes, they are all OK. but kEDMAModulo16bytes and above are all failed.

Here are my codes. lpuart_init()->EDMA_DRV_Init()->LPUART_DRV_EdmaInit()->lpuart_receive(). the edma rx interrupts are disable.

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