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specific questions regarding KBOOT and K64

Question asked by roymessinger on Feb 17, 2017
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I'm designing a board with K64 (no K20 open sda), based on the FRDM K64 board. I have a few questions regarding KBOOT and K64:


1. In the KBOOT folder of NXP there are few loaders (flashloader, flashloader_loader and freedom_loader). I did not understand what is the difference between them. I read the KBOOT Release notes and still didn't understand what does flashloader do and what does flashloader_loader do. It was written the flashloader_loader loads the flashloader image file (is that true?), but I want to load my own user app, so what do I use? Which loader project should I use out of the 3 loader project in the KBOOT folder in such case?


2. Even though I now work on the FRDM K64 board, I'm waiting for my own board, and as such, I want to use the more general bootloader (not flashloader, by the way), so in this case, I guess I should not user the Freedom_Loader, right?


3.  In the FRDM board I connected an RS485 to UART module to J199, so I use J199 as another UART (UART4). That is why I want a more general bootloader. How do I change the UART number in the loader project you pointed out in Q1 to UART4?


4. I already have a ready user application, so I intend to burn the ELF of the loader project to the board (using Jlink Segger I own) and then, thru UART4 and using the KinetisFlashTool or BLHost load the bin (or elf?) user application to the correct place in the flash (0xa000 or 0x000?). Is that following process true?
5. I currently tried all this with the flashloader_loader project. Since I have 2 COM's opened (UART0 of the openSDA and UART4 of the J199) I tried connecting with the KinetisFlashTool to UART4 (which is COM6 in my case), I did not succeed. I could connect to UART4, but as I've explained, I do not want to work with the openSDA, but with a different UART (since I have a custom board).



Thank you very much,