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how to fuse JTAG_SMODE (secure jtag mode) in i.mx7?

Question asked by Ofer Federovsky on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by Victor Linnik

I'm trying to find how to fuse the JTAG_SMODE fuses.

I can't find the relevant information the in i.mx7drm reference manual.


Actually I would like to have the equivalent to this configuration done in i.mx6:


echo 'Disabling JTAG #1 (SJC_DISABLE)'
echo 0x100000 > /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_CFG5

echo 'Disabling JTAG #2a (DISABLE_JTAG)'
echo 0x400000 > /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_CFG5

echo 'Disabling JTAG #2b (DISABLE_JTAG)'
echo 0x800000 > /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_CFG5

echo 'Disabling HW Tracing (KTE fuse)'
echo 0x4000000 > /sys/fsl_otp/HW_OCOTP_CFG5




Thank you in advance.