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EzPort enter sequence

Question asked by Alexey Usoltsev on Feb 16, 2017
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I am trying to interface frdm-mkl43 with custom made MKV31 board via EzPort.

As I've read I have to pull reset down, pull CS down, pull up reset and after that I'll be in EzPort programming mode.

So I'm trying to read status reg(SPI set to slow speed):

      GPIO_DRV_ClearPinOutput(CS); //CS enable
      *&spi_cnt=2; //3 symbolst to sent
      if(SPI1_S&(1<<SPI_S_SPTEF_SHIFT )) SPI1_DL=0x05;
//      while(!(SPI1_S&(1<<SPI_S_SPTEF_SHIFT ))); SPI1_DL=0xBB;
      while(!(SPI1_S&(1<<SPI_S_SPTEF_SHIFT )));SPI1_DL=0x00;
      while(!(SPI1_S&(1<<SPI_S_SPTEF_SHIFT ))); SPI1_DL=0x00;

I got no answer from device. Logic analyzer and SCH are shown in attachment .

The board MKV31 working as it's supposed to-JTAG and other function are fine so it is not any issue with bad soldering or other physical stuff.

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