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Timer issue - PN5180/Kinetis KL27/NXP NFCLIB for KDS

Question asked by Juergen Hermann on Feb 16, 2017
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The actual NXP NDCLIB for KDS only supports the K8x MCU, which has enough timers.

I think the Kinetis KL27 has except of the PWM Timer only 3 timers (SYSTIC for FreeRTOS, the lowPower timer and one periodic timer)

I want to use FreeRTOS  in normal and deepsleep mode (two of the three timers are used, Systic and lowPower timer)


For Mifare Classic and Desfire card applications I don't need any additional timers, is that right?

For NFC (I want to use Read/Write and P2P) mode. I found to additional timers used in LLCP, am I right?


Is it possible to use the Kinetis KL27 MCU, or should a MCU with more timers be used?

Are there any news about NFCLIB for KDS with Kinetis KL series support?


I am at the beginning of this project and I don't want to choose the wrong MCU.

best regards