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ERROR in ONCE status register during instruction execution

Question asked by akhilprasad on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by BJ RAJENDRANATH

I am using code warrior 5.9.0 and debugger - P&E USB Multilink Universal version 5.93. I wanted to download a sample project to MPC5604S. But while creating the project I couldn't find MPC5604S derivative in code warrior,so I selected MPC5606S_FS60X2 from derivative. Then I changed the MPC5606S_FS60X2  linker file with MPC5604S linker file.

When I am trying to download the sample project I am getting an error "ERROR in ONCE status register during instruction execution". Please find the screenshot attached and kindly guide me to solve this issue ASAP.