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phy reset time out ,no ethernet link

Question asked by longqi luo on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by longqi luo

hello,I am confusing about 1000M ethernet connection. my CPU is p1023,  phy is ar8035, the schemitic is largely same  as P1023 reference schemetic. At present stage, I can boot linux nomally. I try to use FM1@DTSEC1 as ethernet device in uboot prompt,but it seems present no link. I can test stable 25M clock from AR8035 pin clk_25M,and I can access the register of phy ,so I think the hardware is ok.When  uboot booting, there always present "phy reset time out", does it means the reset of phy have problem or some configuration I am not awared? Detail problem see attached. 

Attachment: POWER_V2.PDF is about phy 8035 designing

                      P1023designing_v4 is about CPU side

                       PHY_PRO.txt is about uboot log and linux log and some environment variable setting.

                        DEVDISR.jpg and PORDEVSR.jpg are register of P1023 ,regarding to DTSEC setting and power-on status.

could anybody analysize for me? thank you in advance! if you have any information which could be help, please send my email:

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