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KW41z Demo App build issue

Question asked by akash kalaria on Feb 16, 2017
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I am working on FRDM-KW41Z development board with KSDK wireless demo apps (i.e. "ble_802.15.4_hrs_mwa"). As per requirements I have modified few files and imported some new files.


Now I want to share this project with my colleague. For that, I am using KSDK provided tool i.e. ProjectCloner.exe.


On my system, I am able to build and run this cloned project, but my colleague is facing some path related issues while building the same cloned project. 

Few errors like,

  • fatal error: fsl_os_abstraction.h: No such file or directory DCDC.c /Project03/framework/DCDC/Source line 38 C/C++ Problem
  • recipe for target 'framework/LowPower/Source/PWRLib.o' failed /Project03/debug/framework/LowPower/Source line 31 C/C++ Problem 


Please if you can provide some reference document, which can help to resolve our issues.

kw41zkinetis_sdkkds v3.2.0