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New MPL115A1 reports temperature ADC value instead of pressure

Question asked by Andrew Neagle on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Andrew Neagle

Hello, I have a question about the MPL115A1 Barometric Sensor. I have two of these devices bought 3-5 years apart, date codes 8ZOC and CSD. The two devices are running on identical hardware uC and firmware. I am observing the 2 8 bit values on the SPI bus in response to commands 80 and 82.


The older device (date code: 8ZOC) shows a large change in this value when I place a vacumm pump on the device itself, as expected. This value stay stable when a heat gun is applied.


The newer device (date code: CSD) shows no change when the vaccum pump is applied but varies wildly when the heat gun is applied. It seems to be reporting the Tadc value when asked for the Padc value.


Both device have the same M1PR code.


Has this been reported by anyone else? Were the commands swapped when NXP bought Freescale?

I'd appreciate any information regarding this.

Thank you