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Trouble w Processor Expert FLASH_LDD Component

Question asked by lmg on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by lmg

Using KDS v 3.2.0

Processor is KE02Z32VLD2.

Debugging with P&E Multilink


I let PE set the clock frequency to 1MHz. 

I've set up four user memory areas in upper memory:


My intent is to store operational data in these areas for safe-keeping upon power-down.

I thought I would start with erasing one block of this memory. Following the example in the "Help on this component" I have the following:



You can see the breakpoints above. I reach the first one just fine. But when I continue from there, I end up here:



 . . . as if I stumbled on a Reset or something.


I have tried "Safe launch and wait" - with and without "Interruptable wait loop" checked. And I have tried without "Safe launch and wait".


Flash protection is set to "No protection"


There ARE timer interrupts running while I'm attempting this. Adding __DI(); before calling the FLASH_LDD methods did not seem to help.


Any ideas?