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MPC5775K how to sleep individual cores?

Question asked by Joe Shidle on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Martin Kovar

On the MPC5775K is it possible to place individual cores into low-power states while the other core(s) are still running?


For example, if I have the Z4_1 core working on Task A while the Z7_2 is working on Task B.  If the Z4_1 needs to delay for some time (wait on external interrupt, wait on Z7_2 to finish part of Task B, etc.) I'd like to place Z4_1 into a low-power mode instead of spinning in a while() delay loop while waiting.


It seems like the MC_ME registers (e.g. MC_ME.HALT0_MC) and WKPU registers are whole-chip.  But I didn't know if the intent was to use the MC_ME.CCTL1/2/3 registers to regulate individual core behavior in normal run modes.

So first, can individual cores be dynamically halted / restarted for in-run power savings?

And if so, how would that be achieved?

Thanks in advance,

Joe Shidle