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imx6 vpu encode problem?

Question asked by pan xinsheng on Feb 15, 2017

Hi,allimx_vpu_test compile errors

     I use the imx-test-5.4 source code to compile the mcx_vpu_test example,but there are some compiling errors . Then,I add the struct members in the file vpu_lib.h and compile the mcx_vpu_test example ok. I test the vpu encoding using "./mxc_vpu_test.out -E "-i /home/neng-test-in.yuv -w 720 -h 480 -f 2 -o test-out.h264"",it run ok. But the encoded file test-out.h264 can not be opened by the player in PC. it shows "can not be redering". 

What is the problem? How can I download the latest “vpu_lib.h“ file and the "imx-test" files?

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