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VCCA_UV error on 33907

Question asked by liu jinhang on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by liu jinhang

the VCCA_UV error on 33907 was triggered when we are doing test about ESD. details see below:

when we put -6000v voltage ESD on the CAN_H, we found the VCCA_UV error on 33907 was triggered. but when we put -4000v or -8000v voltage ESD on the CAN_H, the VCCA_UV error on 33907 can not be triggered.

and because the VCCA_UV error can not be cleared by READ, we worried that if the VCCA_UV error be triggered on car, we can only cut the power line of our ECU to clear this serious error. 


so we want:

1. we want to know the reason why VCCA_UV can be triggered by ESD test, and why only -6000v can trigger the error but -4000v or -8000v can not ?

2. we want to know if the VCCA_UV was triggered , how can we clear it but not need to cut the power line of our ECU.

PS: the 33907 is alway supplied by 12v voltage battery of our ECU on the car.