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[MPC5777C]Critical Input exception invoked during Flash erasing

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Lukas Zadrapa

Dear NXP engineers,


My system is,

- MPC5777C with C55 Flash

- System operating clock : 264MHz

- App : Bootloader with UDS

- Note. Data cach and Instruction cache are always enabled during startup sequence.

             I assigned Stack area into the data cache through below code. It is our oem's request, mandatory.

# dcbz r0,r3 # Establish address in cache for 32 bytes and zero
# dcbtls 0,r0,r3 # Lock the address into the cache
# se_addi r3,32 # Increment to start of next cache line (+32 bytes)
# e_bdnz lock_cache_loop_0 # Decrement the counter (CTR), branch if nonzero


I tested flash erase via NXP's flash driver and I found weird situation during flash erase.

And I implemented PIT ch3 ISR for periodic boot task every 6.25ms.

I could see the critical input exception handler is asserted when PIT ch3 ISR is enabled and then execute the flash erase api.

Below is MCSR when IVOR0 is invoked.

I though that the reason of this exception was caused by enabled data cache, So I tested this thing with disabled data cache, Also stack was moved to sram area. However I could see same problem... 




I want to know the every interrupts should be whether enabled or disabled during flash erase or write for preventing a IVOR0.

Please let me know.