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802.15.4 Direct Data Transmission

Question asked by Erwin Beck on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

I have created a New Project in BeeKit, using HCS08 MAC Codebase 2.6.1,

and MyWirelessApp Demo Non Beacon template.

In this template, coordinator sends indirect data to device:

mpPacket->msgData.dataReq.txOptions = gTxOptsAck_c | gTxOptsIndirect_c; 

and device polls coordinator for data:

mTimer_c = TMR_AllocateTimer();

TMR_StartSingleShotTimer(mTimer_c, mPollInterval, AppPollWaitTimeout);

/* Send the Poll Request to the MLME. */

if(MSG_Send(NWK_MLME, pMlmeMsg) == gSuccess_c)


Indirect Data transmission works just fine.


Since in my case the device is AC powered and can therefore always listen, if properly programmed, I have modified my project to allow Direct Data transmission,

by commenting out the indirect option gTxOptsIndirect_c in the coordinator,

and by commenting out the above three instructions in the device.

Obviously I am still missing something, Direct Data transmission doesn't work yet. But maybe HCS08 MAC Codebase 2.6.1 doesn't allow Direct Data transmission in Non Beacon mode.

Thank you for your advice