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Resize weston/wayland screen

Question asked by Stas Gil on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Stas Gil

Hi everyone,


Please bear with me because i have no experience or knowledge of how all the graphical backends (wayland x11 etc) work or how weston relates to them, or how displaying stuff really works, so thank you for your patience.


We are using imx6 dual-lite chip for our custom board, and 320x240  ILI9341V  display. Prototyping was done on the Sabre-sd dev board, so bsp was pretty much copied from there. We've had some troubles getting the display to run, but it is running now, however, (i'm not sure how to exactly describe it) the "virtual screen size" seems to be a lot bigger than the actual display size, so for example if I open a shell window, only part of it will be visible on the display. 


I know the screen itself is run in rc script by "openvt -s weston -- $OPTARGS"

$OPTARGS don't contain anything, but i'm pretty sure the backend that is being used at the moment is fbdev.


Does anyone have any pointers on what should i do or look at to get the screen to match the display size ? I am not sure which information i should provide, so let me know if there's something i can give. Here are some hopefully relevant outputs:


root@imx6dlsabresd:/# fbset

mode "240x320-69"
# D: 6.750 MHz, H: 23.438 kHz, V: 69.137 Hz
geometry 240 320 240 320 16
timings 148148 24 8 6 3 16 10
vsync high
rgba 5/11,6/5,5/0,0/0


root@imx6dlsabresd:/# weston-info
interface: 'wl_compositor', version: 3, name: 1
interface: 'wl_subcompositor', version: 1, name: 2
interface: 'wl_scaler', version: 2, name: 3
interface: 'presentation', version: 1, name: 4
presentation clock id: 4 (CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW)
interface: 'wl_data_device_manager', version: 2, name: 5
interface: 'wl_shm', version: 1, name: 6
formats: RGB565 XRGB8888 ARGB8888
interface: 'wl_viv', version: 1, name: 7
interface: 'wl_viv', version: 1, name: 8
interface: 'wl_output', version: 2, name: 9
x: 0, y: 0,
physical_width: -1 mm, physical_height: -1 mm,
make: 'unknown', model: 'DISP3 BG',
subpixel_orientation: unknown, output_transform: normal,
width: 240 px, height: 320 px, refresh: 75 Hz,
flags: current preferred
interface: 'wl_seat', version: 4, name: 10
name: default
capabilities: touch
interface: 'wl_input_panel', version: 1, name: 11
interface: 'wl_input_method', version: 1, name: 12
interface: 'wl_text_input_manager', version: 1, name: 13
interface: 'wl_shell', version: 1, name: 14
interface: 'xdg_shell', version: 1, name: 15
interface: 'desktop_shell', version: 3, name: 16
interface: 'workspace_manager', version: 1, name: 17
interface: 'screenshooter', version: 1, name: 18


When i run weston-fullscreen, the window that shows up on the display says

Surface size: 640, 480

Scale: 1, transform: 0

Fullscreen: 0


(but then it seems to request a keyboard input, which we don't have so it seems that i can't actually use the tool.)

fb related tests in /unit_tests seem to pass fine.


Thanks for your time !