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Maximum network throughput on LS1043ARDB-PB

Question asked by Ethan Lee on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Ethan Lee

Hi all, 


We are testing LS1043ARDB-PB network performance on how heavily it can suffer at the same moment.


The OS we use is debian 8.6 and kernel 4.1.8 with iperf3 (3.0.7). 


so far, we can open three iperf3 clients simultaneously and has 1 Gbe throughput for each iperf3 client. But when we open the fourth iperf3 client, all iperf3 processes terminated and there is no kernel error message happened.


Now, the maximum throughput was measured at: 3 Gbits/sec ~ 4Gbits/sec


Is this throughput reasonable for LS1043A? or is there something obvious that can be done to improve this performance?