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USB device mass storage device + FatFs + Freertos

Question asked by PO220 on Feb 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Daniel Chen


I am trying to access from a pc to the contents of an SD card. SD card on which I can write with FatFs

I work with the FRDM-K66 from the "usb_device_composite_cdc_msc_sdcard" demo project


usb_device_composite_cdc_msc_sdcard demo project works perfectly

I managed to integrate FatFs, create directories and write to the SD card (by désabling USB)


If I add the initialization of the file system to the USB demo project then the USB no longer works.


FatFs and USB stack are very difficult to understand...

=>Is it technically possible to have both msd device and FatFs to write to memory ?

If yes, where should I act? A mutex between FatFs and msd (I tried without success for the moment)?


thank you in advance