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Photo-Sensor Usage on the MC9s12C128 MCU, 80, LQFP

Discussion created by Brandon Woolley on Jul 19, 2008
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This is an application using the application dev board for a course project.

GOAL:  Trying to read the Potentiometer (@RV1) & Light Sensor (@RZ1) both connected to the ATD at Pin 5 and Pin 4 respectively.  When i set the ATDCTL5 to use MULTI devs and sample the Pin 4 (Light-sensor) first, the values read from ATDDR5H and ATDDR4H kind of agree (that's unexpected).

IF you have any information on the Photo-Sensor and how to use it--That'd be great.
IF you know that i'm using the ATD incorrectly, let me know---please.