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How to handle the USB_OTG_ID pin when I want Host only operation?

Question asked by Doug Bailey on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Doug Bailey

I am using an iMX6 where I have configured it to have a USB port for two purposes:

  1. A connection point for the MFGTool to do the initial programming of the device.
  2. A receptacle for a USB stick that I will use for firmware updates and troubleshooting


I am using a standard A receptacle and I am using the iMX6's OTG USB controller to drive the port.

My question is what to do about the OTG ID pin that indicates the role of the OTG controller. The pin is not called out on the A connector so I need to treat it externally.


My plan is to use the USB port as a host at all times except for the MFGTool operation.


Do I need to bring the ID pin to a pad of the iMX6 and then terminate it with a pull down resistor? (Or can I leave it unterminated at the IOMUXc connection?)


Does it affect my decision if I don't want to modify the standard Linux USB driver?


Thanks for your input,
Doug Bailey