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Problems with USBDM installation

Discussion created by Adriano Lazzari on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Adriano Lazzari

Hi all, I'm trying to install USBDM for use with a JS16 adapter (Ebay). If I install the USBDM V4.12 with the default settings it crashes badly during installation. So i have removed all unwanted features leaving only what i need (HCS08 & RS08 programmers). In this manner the installation work, but the programmers dont. No errors are shown, but, when i try to launch a programmer, the result is only a little flashing of the hd led. The task manager confirm that a process named HCS08_Flashprogrammer is started but a few seconds later the process is terminated. Same result with older releases of USBDM downloaded from sourceforge, and on three other PC all running WXP Professional.

The hardware seems to work properly, i can reprogram the chip and verify the result with no errors.

What i'm doing wrong?? any clues??