Jan Nyman

LPCOpen 2.12 for LPC11U68 won't compile!

Discussion created by Jan Nyman on Feb 13, 2017

Dear forum members, 


I just downloaded the LPCOpen 2.12 for LPC11U68 (LPCXpresso version) released on the 2016-11-18, and unzipped it over my old LPCOpen 2.11 source tree.


It seems to me that that there are some problems with the new LPCOpen 2.12 as there are two source files that have syntax errors preventing successful compilation:


1) The file lpc_chip_11u6x/src/syscon_11u6x.c, function Chip_SYSCTL_SetPinInterrupt seems to have lost a curly bracket after the function body

2) There is a mismatch between function prototype and implementation for function  Chip_GPIO_SetPortDIR in files lpc_chip_11u6x/src/gpio_11u6x.[ch]


See the diff file attached to this post.


Fortunately for me, I can revert to the old version 2.11. Anybody else seeing the same problems with LPCOpen 2.12 on the LPC11U6X?




Original Attachment has been moved to: LPCOpen212.diff.zip