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i.MX53 M4IF priory registers

Question asked by torus1000 on Feb 10, 2017
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I have been checked about FIFO overrun/underrun of i.MX53 FEC.

I tried to compare the occurrence then change the priority field of FEC bus master(FBPM_M4_RD/FBPM_M4_WR) in the M4IF_F_BPR1 register as following command.

$ /unit_tests/memtool -32 63fd8044=00000044
$ /unit_tests/memtool -32 63fd8040 2

But it seems nothing changed. (Rate of FIFO overrun/underrun looks the same.)


What's wrong with my commands? Why this register update affect nothing?


BTW Is there any tools to monitor bus status like "/unit_tests/mmdc2" for the i.MX6?


Can anybody help me?