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PE ADC "High" Level Component Problem for 56F827xx

Question asked by Peter Becher on Feb 9, 2017

Hi All

I am setting up a PE ADC High level component and am having a problem with the Internal Trigger, Trigger Input settings.  This is for a 56F82748 DSC and using the 12 Bit Cyclic ADC.

I get the following error in the setttings.

and in the Problems it shows the following Errors.

The strange thing is that the ADC_LDD driver that the ADC High level component uses is happy...

... and it is set to the same TA0_OUT.

The error message seems to indicate that the XBAR is not set up properly.  So I added it and the "Automatic" settings show that the timer I am using is routed to the ADC.

To me this seems like a bug but maybe I missed something.

Thanks for your Help!