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fxas21002c: Calibration

Discussion created by Gangadhar Gangu on Feb 9, 2017

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Hi All,


Are my below calibration values correct?


1. Referring to Page 40 of FXAS21002C datasheet, 


#define FS_AVL_2000_GAIN 1090

#define FS_AVL_1000_GAIN   545

#define FS_AVL_500_GAIN     272

#define FS_AVL_250_GAIN     136



1090 is degrees to radians convertion of 62500. I'm using this value as senstivity mentioned is 62.5 mdps/LSB.


static IIO_CONST_ATTR(in_gyro_scale_available, "0.001090 0.000545 0.000272 0.000136"); ---> These are macro values of above #defines


static struct attribute *fxas2100x_attributes[] = {






2. I'm using Android 6.1 Marshmallow and below hrec file. I chose some values based on my understanding from datasheet, remaining I copied from a different gyro hrec. Are the chosen values correct? Please suggest correct values.

ro. iio.anglvel.max_range=30 -------------------------------> copied from a different part.

ro. iio.anglvel.resolution=0.001 -----------------------------> This value I took from sensitivity as it is mentioned to be mdps/LSB

ro. iio.anglvel.power=3 ------------> Copied from different gyro

ro. iio.anglvel.scale=0.000545 -----> Micro value of the gain that I'm using

ro. iio.anglvel.quirks=hrtimer noisy biased

ro. iio.anglvel.max_freq=100 ---------------> copied from a different gyro