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How to change PHY pins under uboot

Question asked by burny fu on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by burny fu

Hi all,

   We connect an external PHY through RGMII2 interface to imx6 SoloX , but the PHY interface under uboot is RGMII1, I change fec1_pads to fec2_pads,but it dosen't work .We find clk in RGMII1_TX_TXC pin.


My IOMUX setting:



int board_eth_init(bd_t *bis)
      imx_iomux_v3_setup_multiple_pads(fec2_pads, ARRAY_SIZE(fec2_pads));

      return cpu_eth_init(bis);



Thank you for any feedback!