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Unexplained mixed project name/file names in my debug folder

Question asked by David Smith on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by David Smith

I am a relatively new user of the LPCXpresso, and on rev 8.2.2.


I have made a project 'copy' of a legacy project, and changed the name of it at the paste time, creating a new folder for the entire directory to live. So, the previous directory was DC2, and now I have a copy at DC3. The windows dirs show the separate folders, and most things work fine.


Unfortunately, when I build the output files of .AXF, .MAP etc. inside debug (and also release) have the old name of DC2.AXF, DC2.MAP, etc. In the debug directory are some .ld files with even older project names.


Where does this extra context come from? I checked the project references inside the Project Properties, and there was the older directory there (DC2), but it wasn't 'checked'. What are these project references for?


Really, whenever I make a new project revision chenage, how do I move all the file and directory references move to the new revision name, and not refer to any older projects for shared resources?


Many thanks for any direction on this,