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Centralizing my projects and KSDK folder

Question asked by Neil Porven on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Marek Trmac

Hi everyone,


Currently, I am going back to centralizing our software and KSDK folder in a single location.  We currently

all work at individual computers and have Kinetics and KSDK folder installed in each.  I am now trying

to centralize our software and have a single KSDK folder in the NAS drive, so that our software developers

can all look at and work with any existing project.


I have some questions regarding what I am trying to do:


1.  Is there any documentation on doing this?

2.  I have copied the KSDK_1.3.0 folder into the NAS directly, is there any issues with doing this?

3.  I don't know if the IDE should reside in the individual PCs or should it reside in the NAS?


Issue I am having:

As a test, I copied the KSDK folder to the NAS drive.  I opened Kinetics IDE and started a new project

with the workspace choosing the NAS as my location.  I imported an existing project and re-directed

my project path to reflect the new location of my KSDK folder.  When I compile the project, I am getting

an error stating that a file/directory doesn't exists.  If I look inside the KSDK folder, I can see that the  file

and path to it does exists and are correct.  I don't know if having the location of the actual IDE/Kinetics

outside of the NAS has anything to do with the issue I am having.


Has anyone tried centralizing their projects and the KSDK folder and can help me with this?


Thank you,