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GPIO settings in MPC8323E-RDB

Question asked by Narreddi Siva Prakash Reddy on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Narreddi Siva Prakash Reddy
   Can any one help me in access to GPIO pins. I didn't get gpio.h file in Linux. I am using MPC8323E-RDB board, 2.6.27 kernel and built using LTIB with a ubuntu 8.10 PC. I checked .dts file but it is not having any node for gpio in it.
I tried to access the registers of IO ports based on the address provided in Ref. Manual, but It is giving segmentation fault. I given as follows..

unsigned char* x = (unsigned char*) 0xE0001440
(here 1440 is the offset address of the port-a's Open Drain Register)

after this I used mmap() to access the location in virtually.
Can you please help me in making GPIO pins to use.
Thanks and Regards,
Siva Prakash Reddy N