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Not satisfied with noise on K22FN

Question asked by Michael Heidinger on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Michael Heidinger

Dear Kinetis-Team,


i have a complain about the Kinetis MCUs, K22FN512.


I did all the art for a good adc result:

1. Voltages are highly stable and noise free

2. ADC inputs are driven by ADC-Driving OpAmps

3. Reference voltage is stable.

4. Solid GND Plane


However, I get noise on my result:

Its 12 binary digits noise at 12 Bit conversion. Thats too much for me, as I want to use the adc in a control loop.

Its approx 0,2%-0,3% noise in the measurement range but this is too much for a good adc, like the datasheet promises.


What can I do better to improve my performance? I want to switch to Kinetis KV44. Will there be better results?


I'm pretty sure you won't do a new revision, but please make more sure next time, you get a good and stable adc result.

Other people also complained with similar results.

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