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How to copy memory using VDI without using IC

Question asked by kyuugo sato on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by kyuugo sato

Hi everyone,


Please tell me about memory copy using iMX53 IPU.


I was able to copy data from BUF 1 to BUF 2 in a way to use the IC.
I would like to copy data from BUF 1 to BUF 2 without using IC.


I found the following functions in the reference manual.


  MEM -> VDIC --> MEM
    input:   IDMAC_CH_25, IDMAC_CH_26
    output: IDMAC_CH_5


I made the following settings to use VDI.


 IPU_CONF                            0x00001761
 IC_CONF                              0x40000000
 IC_IDMAC_1                         0x00000080
 IC_IDMAC_2                         0x00000000
 IC_IDMAC_3                         0x00000000
 IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW1     0x80000000
 IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW2     0x00000000
 IPU_VDI_FSIZE                    0x01DF027F
 IPU_VDI_C                           0x00000000
 IPU_VDI_C2                         0x00000009
 IPU_VDI_PS_1                     0x01DF027F
 IPU_VDI_PS_3                     0x01DF027F




The thing that I want to do is a copy from BUF 1 to BUF 2, but the second input is necessary, so the same data is set in CH 25 and CH 26.


Results I tried
Interrupts of CH25 and CH26 are generated when one of the following bits is set.




But CH5 interrupt does not occur.


Please tell me how to copy memory using VDI without using IC.