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Long wait for PLL to lock with 32kHz crystal on RTC

Question asked by eft_flo on Feb 8, 2017
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I'm trying to use a 32kHz clock on the RTC pins with an LPC54102. The subject mentionned previously (Wait 15 seconds for PLL to lock the input from 32KHz Crystal  ), but I still have this problem, even worst because the wait can be much longer. I need the PLL to generate a 96MHz frequency.


I tried the following :

- Change the SELx as define in remark in the application note (SELP=6, SELI=4 and SELR=0)

  => Still have long wait to lock

- Not using the Chip_Clock_IsSystemPLLLocked() function, and set a 100 ms loop instead.

  => The chip crashes. Need to manually handle the reset pin to be able to re-programming the chip.


I'm currently using the latest LPC open for this chip (v3.03.000).


Thanks for any help.