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Reg:Using in-built mdc/mdio in ls1021atwr board

Question asked by Siva Kumar Krishnamurthy on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by ufedor

In the existing ls1021atwr board , we were adding a marvel switch 88E6161 with the phy addr 0x4 in the MDC/MDIO 

path. But it is not reading it..

we are using the default mdio command in the u-boot , which is used to read the existing marvell phys 88e1111.


when we probe through CRO , while reading the switch , Turn around (TA) sequence is not appearing in . whereas as 

per the switch timing diagram(SMI) it is must. 


Is there any way to create TA in the in-built mdc/mdio? . 

will the Switch 88E6161 work with in-built mdc/mdio ..? or should we do gpio based mdc/mdio?


How to go ahead with this?


-Siva Kumar K