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CRCGEN for K70 Processor

Question asked by Ali2006 on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Alice_Yang

CRCGEN is not processing my complete compiled file.


My CALC_CRC.CRC file is as follows.

SEED = 0xfef
FROM 0x00000000 TO 0x000FFFE0;
DEST = 0x000FFFE2


I have the crcgen running in the post build structure as instructed. 


Attached is the generated S19 from the linker.. as well as the CRC generated file. If you look at address 0x0002EAA0  In the .crc file the code ends here an then continues to place the CRC at it's destination and then go on to put out some SRAM default data.  In the basic .S19 file the code continues (albiet with a few empty locations to 0x2EAD8 and on to 0x31E68)


I've tried with the linker creating a .afx as well with the same resulting missed location.

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