Sindy Yu

申请LPC54608开发板(Applying LPCXpresso54608 dev board for evaluting the new LPC546xx series on home IoT)

Discussion created by Sindy Yu on Feb 7, 2017

I felt it a pity for quite a while last time when I missed the chance to apply the free LPCXpresso54608 dev board for my personal project at the end of last year.

I went through the recently released user manual of the board and several show case posts on the China forum these days, and find out that it is really a dream board attracting me.

On hardware, it leverages a 180MHz Cortex-M4 core with 512K flash, 200K SRAM, 16K EEPROM combined, includes A bunch of useful peripherals such as touch screen, full speed USB ports, SD Card Slot, Ethernet, Stereo audio codec, digital microphone, accelerometer, 128M flash, 8M SDRAM,, ect

On software, MCUXpresso IDE is full-featured and free without code size limitations, along with emWin lib ready for building efficient GUI.

Finally, after several days and nights, the second session comes. I can not help stop writing this post to apply the board even it is now mid night here in my country.

I would really want to apply it for first, evaluating the new LPC54608 MCU. second, the more interesting one, is start to make it as the control center of my ideas of home IoT things. Definitely its touch screen and stereo audio codec with microphone are enabling to provide the best user interaction experience, and its Ethernet is guaranteeing the robust network IO among a bunch of IoT connections. Moreover the USB and SD card slot will be great help to exchanging different kinds of data on a higher level.

Thanks in advance for holding this exciting activity again, and hope that I can get this chance to apply the board

Regards and,  Kung Hei Fat Choy !