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imx Krogoth Yocto patch /init.d/bluetooth help!

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Feb 7, 2017
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I'm after a few instructions on how to apply a custom patch to /etc/init.d/bluetooth within one of my own custom meta-layers.

With other patches/file updates I've done it's simply a matter of coping a like mannered path to my own layer to that of the one I need to change - e.g update a pulseaudio file I'd do => meta-mylayer/recipes-multimedia/pulseaudio/etc, .  adding a bbappend and so. But how can I update /etc/init.d/bluetooth as it's not specifically in the sources/meta-....?

What would I have to include recipe wise inside my custom layer and how would the append work to apply a patch ( or replace the file out-right )?