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MCF51QM - EEEPROM programming

Question asked by Jozef Prokopovic on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Jozef Prokopovic


I am trying to program the EEEPROM on the MCF51QM128. I already partitioned the FlexNVM with parameters:

EEPROM Data Set Size 0x38

FlexNVM Partition Code  0x02

I read back the DataIFR and it is OK.


Now I would like to program EEPROM memory, but I am not sure if I do it correctly.


As far as I understand, to write to the EEEPROM the EEERDY bit must be set. After partitioning, it is set to "1".

I have checked the FCNFG register the EEERDY = 1.

And all I have to do is to write data to FlexRAM memory. So I write via BDM for example 0x00 value to address 0x280000.

Then should I wait until EEERDY bit is set to 1 again. But this is not happening.


So I am not sure if my procedure is correct. What address should be used to write to the EEEPROM/FlexRAM?


Does anybody have any example of writing the EEEPROM with specific values?