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mx287, only enet-mac0 can detect two physical chips?

Question asked by h k on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by h k

I have two physical chips on my board, 1 and 3 is their physical address respectively. I try to detect them through mac0 and mac1. 


When I use the MAC0's io base: 0x800F_0000, I can successfully detect both the physical chips on address 1 and 3. The MMFR register's data field returns the physical id correctly. And all network function goes well.


But when I use the MAC1's io base: 0x800F_4000, the MMFR register's data field returns all zero on address 0 and 1.


Same configurations set to MAC0 and MAC1. 


Why is the difference?  Anyone knows or ever thought about this?