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KL02 SPI transmit error when using IO as CS pin

Discussion created by K.h. Qin Employee on Feb 6, 2017
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Hi experts



My Customer now using KL02 as a SPI master device in a BMS project, and the slave device which require keep cs pin low all the time during the data transmission otherwise it may lost data.

Our KL02 SPI auto SS function will pull high the cs pin after each byte transmit, so they cannot accept. then we use the PTA5 as GPIO to control the CS pin.

But we met strange issue:

We did our test based on two FRDM-KL02 and KSDK SPI polling sample code.

Just as normal SPI usage, after the basic configure, I pull low the CS pin before the data transmit, pull high after it finished. But I don't know why the destBuff would get an extra "0x00", then it made all data in wrong order.



we checked the waveform, didn't find any issues.

(pic is not clear, yellow line is CS, green line is clock, blue line is data.)

I use the blocking transfer directly, add GPIO operation.


configure spi SS function.



But if I simulate GPIO as the auto-ss function, pull high every time after byte transmission, it could work.

Pull high CS every time.


So, can KL02 keep CS low during data transmission which size larger than 1 byte? or it must be pulled high after each bytes transmit? it couldn't be. Anything I missed?

Please help on it, thanks a lot!