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Project GIT integration - Which files?

Question asked by Diego Barile on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Con Verse

Hello guys.


I've successfully installed eGIT into my LPCXpresso v8.0.0 [Build 526] and starts to track my C/CC+ source files.
But currently I'm only able to control source files (.c, .cpp, .h); not the projects structure, configurations and settings.


For example when you add to source control a Microsoft .NET project (built with Visual Studio) you typically also add (at least) the solution file (.sln) and the project file (.csproj).

But a typical Eclipse projects has the .metadata folder with tons of subfolders and files.
Which file/folders must me tracked and which not?


I've also attached my .gitignore file.


Thanks in advance.
Diego B.

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