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show to framebuffer from IPU 

Question asked by Alex V on Feb 6, 2017

Hi, All!


I'm learning to use IPU to display images in the framebuffer.
I'm looking at the examples from this repository:
Based on these examples (imx6->rotation->example1) I have performed a series of tests and I have encountered the following problem.
The problem I have is that when there is NO rotation the image is not displayed.

The problem is caused when I call IPU_QUEUE_TASK and the input image is exactly the same of output format. To avoid it if NO rotation I skip call IPU_QUEUE_TASK. Right now I don't get the error but nothing is displayed in the framebuffer.

Is there any way to tell IPU to show what it has in its buffer in the framebuffer?


I'm working with the Udoo Dual board.

Kernel 3.14-1.0.x-udoo base 3.14.56 Freescale.





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