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Problems renewing my CW 5.2v license

Question asked by Alejandro Moscat on Feb 5, 2017
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Last 25th of January I purchased the renew of my CW license for CodeWarrior 5.2 version for HC12 64k, that is going to expire the next 9th of February.


I did the payment and I received some emails confirming the success of the purchase process and with the link to register the product.


The problem appears when I try to return my old license, the one that is going to expire this year, to generate a new one. When I achieve the next window (see pictures below) and I press the return button an error message appears with the next message: “The maximum number of return is reached, contact your product vendor if you need help”.


licensing return 1

Licensing return 2

What I’m doing wrong? Are there any problem in my account?

I have been following the tutorial videos for this process (How to renew your Software, How to obtain a license after annual subscription renewal and the Software Licensing and Support Activation Guide) and I don't know where is the problem.


Last monday 1st of February I generate an incidence report into, the incidence reference is:
   - Reference ID: CodeWarr138120
   - Case00102616


It has passed 5 days and I haven’t received any communication from NXP.

I’m a bit worried because next week expires my CodeWarrior license and I need it in my job everyday. Please, let me know if you could help me or give me an email address where I find help.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Best regards. Alejandro Moscat