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Question asked by 明 李 on Feb 5, 2017

       LPC54608开发板上面的外设资源非常丰富,有272x480彩色LCD电容触摸屏,板载高速USB,Link2调试探头,Arduino UNO和PMod,128Mb Quad-SPI Flash (Micron MT25QL128)8MB SDRAM,SPH0641LM4H数字麦克风,全尺寸SD/MMC卡槽,立体声音频编解码,带信号输入输出,高速和全速USB口,带micro A/B接头,支持Host和Device模式,以太网接口,这些资源都是为嵌入式操作系统作硬件支持的。我可以基于此开发板进行基于UCOSIII的多媒体操作系统的学习开发研究,如使用LCD屏幕进行图片或视频输出,使用数字麦克风进行音频输出,使用usb接口与计算机通信,这些工作都需要用到大容量存储器如SDRAM,Flash,SD卡,而开发板正好有这些资源提供。因此希望申请此开发板。


# Chinese user forum # Apply NXP LPC54608 development board for embedded operating system development

The peripherals on LPC54608 development board are quantity
1.272x480 color LCD capacitive touch screen
2.Onboard high speed USB, Link2 debug probe (with CMSIS-DAP and SEGGER J-Link protocol options)
3.Arduino UNO and PMod
4.Built in LPC546xx MCU power measurement
5.128Mb Quad-SPI Flash
7.Knowles SPH0641LM4H Digital microphone
8.Full size SD/MMC card slot
9.NXP MMA8652FCR1 accelerometer
10.Stereo audio codec, with signal input and output
11.High speed and full speed USB port, with micro A/B connector, support Host and Device mode
12.10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45 connector)
These resources are hardware support for embedded operating system,I can develop the multimedia operating system based on UCOSIII,Such as the use of LCD screen for image or video output, the use of digital microphone for audio output, use the USB interface to communicate with the computer, these tasks require the use of large capacity memory such as SDRAM, Flash and SD card,and the development board has these resources.Therefore, I hope to apply for this development board.