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Securing access to the AIPSTZ i.MX6

Question asked by Vincent Siles on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2017 by Vincent Siles

Hi !

In my secure OS/secure monitor configuration, I'd like to prevent any access from the Normal World to the SRC component, to prevent Linux to reset a core in secure mode.

My first idea was to use the CSU, but unfortunately that means to also remove access to the whole power group (CCM, GPC, ...). Then I turned to the AIPSTZ and saw that the SRC as a single slot !


However I don't see any way to prevent access to the AIPSTZ configuration from the NW (nothing in it, and nothing in the CSU).


Is it possible to prevent access from the normal world to both AIPSTZ, and if it is, how would I do it ?