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Can I use CodeWarrior USB TAP/ CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE for QorIQ LS1012ARDB ?

Question asked by changwon son on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by ufedor

this is the revisited case of the previously opened case:00100814(Opened on :1/13/2017).
The LS1012ARDB's debug console port does not work.
As NXP support advised, we tried to replace the board.
But, the local resailer refused the process.

Now, I need to reinstall the firmware of the console/downloader.

What I need to be assisted are:

1. can I use the CodeWarrior USB TAP/CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE to
   reinstall firmware for either K22/TAG or ls1012A/JTAG?
   - ls1012A JTAG is 1.8v logic and CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE is 3.3v

2. Which JTAG need to be used K22/TAG or ls1012A/JTAG?
3. Where can I find the bin file to resolve the problem?