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Wired Ethernet on iMX6dl-sabresd Board- dhcpd getting killed by init.

Question asked by femy varghese on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

We are running android-6(marshmallow) on a custom board based on iMX6dl-sabresd. The dhcpcd run when the interface comes up on boot, and acquires a lease if dhcp server is present.


If it fails to get a dhcp address, the dhcpcd is being killed by init after sometime. It never runs again unless the ethernet cable is replugged(ifup event)   


If we manually start the dhcpcd by running 'dhcpcd eth0', it acquires an ip address, but it fails to resolve DNS requests and also the acquired ip address is not reflected in android.


How can we configure the android to request for a lease, even if dhcp server comes up at a later stage ?